A 50 Year Journey

Las Vegas Ambassaor Of Entertainment


The book traces Sacca’s Philadelphia upbringing…

Joe Sacca, a second generation Italian American family man and butcher by trade, could see his identical twin sons on stage before thousands of people practically on the day they were born. Joe supported his family on a middle class income along with his wife Millie, who worked in a Taylor factory sweatshop. Together they were able to finance the twins’ career.

Obsessed, he pushed them relentlessly in this singular direction while he lived vicariously through his twin sons. And herein lies the question: Is music in your genes or can it be slapped into you at an early age? Either way, the Sacca Twins would soon begin their daily regimen of practice, practice, practice, becoming one of the nation’s top show bands in the 1970s and leading the way to Las Vegas. So they set off to conquer the world, living a life of stardom with parties, exotic cars and women. In 1999, Tony would lose his brother Robert to Leukemia, ending his identity as an identical twin.


Tony Sacca and Biographer Arlene Kreiger.


Tony’s unique story stems from being born an identical twin to parents who were second generation Italian Americans.

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